Sunday, 22 January 2017

More about what I am drawing at the moment.

Well today has been another day of trying to self-heal through art and also going out for a walk. Above is how my drawing was before I started.

Above is how the drawing nearly ended up today but I did add some more that I didn't get a pic of but it only a bit further on than what you see, not that you can see that much in this pic but there are small black dots marching down from the top. To illustrate I have taken a close up of what is going on in more detail. It will be a while before it is completed but it will be good therapy. It would be even better if I could sell it.

Whilst out this afternoon I did a little art drop and as always I wonder if anyone has found them yet. I know some get found almost immediately but I know some have been out there for well over a month now, probably two months. They are in a place that used to be passed on a very regular basis and here is the clue. The path is now shut and they are near where it is now blocked so they could be found if anybody walked to the dead-end.

Whilst at Barnoon Workshop getting ready for our drawing class tomorrow this cloud shone out as the sun started to set and I just had to try and capture it.

I am now trying to to get my head right for drawing tonight, which is harder than normal as events out of my control are rushing around my head but once I get started it will be ok again for a while. It seems it is getting harder for artists in this town.

Cheers all!

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