Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New drawings, new photos of recent work and my Milton Keynes roots.

Above is a new drawing completed in last evenings drawing session, this is part of my new re-made sketchbook which was started at the drawing group at Barnoon Workshop yesterday morning and I am already getting my teeth into this new project, interesting once someone sets an idea in your head and you just run with it.

Below is another drawing from the same book that I also did last evening although with a different approach. Instead of obliterating the drawing with a stuck on piece of cartridge paper I decided I would tackle it straight onto the original art work in the book and let it show through in a ghostly way. I didn't cover the original artwork because I hated it but because it is there in the book that I had chosen to play around with and I like the effect, it intrigues my eyes and mind. I will continue with this project.

Today has been another day like no other but I can't really give many details in a public forum but the people I have spoken to today have been especially supportive, I love this town for that and its humanity when you have a difficult problem folk are very helpful so I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for heartfelt support. It is not everyday the Deputy Mayor gives you a man hug.

This next piece above is from my recently finished 'whole sketchbook' work and was photographed by Jordan Jackson, top bloke on our Saturday photo session. When I started with my world of dots I worked entirely with with a black fine liner for a few years, just honing my creativity to see how many different types of images I could come up with and it really help get my head around what I was doing and every now and the I return to base and continue that original thrust.

Below I break away from that but still using a process of rules and thought to explore my journey into pattern and colour, some of the riffs are similar but also I progress quick enough to not get bored with my work and if I ever do I have to mix it all up and plough on. So in this drawing I can still think of it in some ways as dots, long red dots that you might call lines and I think that too but..... Sometimes I like to keep things as ordered as I possibly can but and other times I like to play with more non-regular ways.

Below is another drawing photographed by Jordan that joins up my thoughts of 'long dots'. For this I used the wedge tip of my Windsor & Newton pro-markers but still effectively doing dots with them and linking up another strand of my drawing themes which is grids which I now firmly attribute to growing up through my teenage years in the 'City' of Milton Keynes which was the last large conurbation built in England. The city was commissioned 50 years ago in 1967 and I moved to the outskirts on 1st January 1973. The grids baffled some people but for us it all made perfect sense. By the time I came of age I was in bands and exploring my creativity but that is a long story perhaps for another day. It was an exciting time for me growing up in this new vibrant city as it expanded and the cultural life seem to seed it itself what with punk and its do it yourself ethic bled into our veins. It also seeded my life of drawing which really started by having to design your own posters and graphics to go with whatever band you were in at the time, Sometimes my more arty friends would help and do it for you but they weren't always available so do it yourself was always an option. I had not really thought of myself as being artistic in those times but looking back it was the roots of what I do now. If I find anything from that time I will share it in future to show how it all started for me.

Well with all that said I must get some drawing done although I managed to get a little work done on the new larger drawing I started yesterday but now I am going to continue with that new altered book/sketch book I have started...


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