Thursday, 5 January 2017

Loads of new drawings, The JAMMS and plotting.

Hello again, I had a very good drawing session last evening, everything flowed and above is a postcard sized drawing. I treat them as proper works even thought they are not large and they are an amalgam of ideas I have played with in the past but also part exploration of future works, larger and smaller.

Above is a slightly more compact drawing that seems to have a bit more intensity than the first. I don't know what you think but I know what I think.

As I was doing these new drawings the above drawing dropped out of my book but was more minimal and I decided to bring it a bit more into line with the 'theme of the day' and I do like it a lot now. I do sometimes wonder why these really chime with me but I always remember as a young child really being down with patterns, whether they were the seat fabric in trains or the abstract speckles of 50's and 60's industrial lino flooring and even some of those mad carpet fabrics that I grew up with. It was normal to me but looking back there were some brave and even mad designs.

Also last night I did four small drawings that I kind of worked on at the same time so they might be more of a linked series so as you see by this one above and the three below are a doubled pair.

 I do find it interesting when I put small drawings onto my blog and they appear bigger than they actually are. It seems to me like looking at some sort of molecular structure.

Above riffing on the same them but different.

Above is the last in the series and below is the whole four in a sequence.

Today we are still ill with this mega cold but functioning slightly better so this afternoon we had friends around to plan future workshops for Barnoon and also to plan for our artworks next photo session so it was really nice to see Erin Lacy and Jordan Jackson.

As reported in yesterdays blog that there is some 'KLF' activity. A poster has surfaced by K2 Plant Hire Ltd giving greater hints, an article in the Quietus online and also The Guardian Online, although it is not announced as The KLF it is The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu and say that they will break the silence of their work from the 'Light Industrial Unit' on the 23rd August 2017. Personally I await it all with bated breath.

With all this thinking of Bill and Jimmy's prankster ideas is leading me on to the fact that some of the small art drops that I do could be even more playful. I will not spell these ides out just yet but with a whole day with Jordan a week on Saturday I am sure there will be plenty of time to form these ideas more.

Well I am off to draw and plot this evening.

See you later....

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