Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New work, work in progress and David Bowie.

Starting my blog as I often do by showing you my most recent output, so above is a drawing I did last night on a small bit of paper that I had put this red water colour on whilst in Barnoon Workshops water colour workshop. A bit of early prep I suppose and then I drew.

Above is the second drawing I did in last nights session, I wanted to keep it simple and I think I achieved it too.

Today has been taken up with a lot of website work for the Barnoon Workshop and finally when I had burnt out with that I went on to carry on with this drawing. I have my friend, 'the artist friend' Jordan Jackson coming round at the weekend to take high quality photographs of my work and I need this to be finished for that, so any free moment is taken up with adding to this.

While I have been writing this 6 Music is featuring a lot of David Bowie as it is now a full year since he died. In some ways it is still surreal. A big figure in my life and many others too. I will leave it at that and continue with my evening. I will report back tomorrow.


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