Sunday, 30 July 2017

New works not in books and more.


 Above is a drawing on a bit of drift plywood I had found a few months ago and was ready and waiting for the Wotnot treatment and I got around to it last evening. I think it is finished but I might yet add some lines but who knows at this point because I don't.

After that I then embarked of this drawing, I didn't complete it until early evening today. It also could be finished but might not be, I do like it though.

Today was a day of some early afternoon website work followed by a coffee at The Tate with the family and then on to The Island to meet Tassy Swallow at the Surf House to have a little chat about the Summer Island Disco next Saturday and we are going to have a Barnoon Workshop stall there with crafts and portraits on offer, it should be fun and the weather at the moment looks like it might be good, fingers crossed.
Above and below are two views into the bay from just outside the Surf House.

Well I am off to work on thinking about and starting my next drawing. Well I will report in tomorrow.



  1. love it.
    Your books are awesome collections with a history and narrative, I love them. I noticed the narrative has got stronger though, is that the problem ?
    Also did you save me bleeding narrative page,... I havent paid for it yet..

    1. I don't think strong or weaker narratives are a problem at all, just a portal that can be used to understand. Yes I still have 'The Bleeding Narrative Stopper'....