Sunday, 23 July 2017

New Drawing, art drop, Clodgy and Poldark


Above is the drawing I did yesterday evening and it is the 137th page in my book and I hope to get the next one done tonight as I edge ever nearer to the completion of this work that has dominated my drawing life outside of my drawing tours for nearly the last three months. I am now starting to get my plans together for my next works. I think some of them will be A3 sized as I have some quality paper that I collected a while ago with prints on one side that I got from an exhibition a while ago, I got the works out of interest but I don't really want to keep them so I will draw on the reverse. Apparently there is quite a history of this in St Ives as well as with many artist around the world.

Today was my first day off in two weeks and so we spent some quality time as a family out on a walk but I still squeezed in an art drop.

Above is a pic of todays art drop 'in situ' that I squeezed in whilst we on our walk and below is a bit more of a close-up. At this point normally when I do these drops and then include them in my blog I get curious to know if anyone has happened upon them yet....

Above and below are two of the glorious views we had from our walk out to Clodgy today and it is a times like these I realise we are so lucky to live where we do.

I also got rather captivated by these purple flowers I think they are from a plant called ling it is a bit like heather.

Well I am off to watch Poldark and do some drawing. We will be looking out for the 'extras' in the drama as we know a few of them.


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