Thursday, 20 July 2017

New Drawings, A drawing tour.


Above and below are the two new drawings that I have done in the last 24 hours. I as usual am pretty happy with them and also I am getting happier and happier as I get nearer the end of this whole sketchbook work. I will hopefully be finished with it in the next week.

When I normally get to the end of a whole sketchbook work I would normally go back through the book to see if all drawings are done to my satisfaction and maybe add a bit more but up to this point I am convinced that only one drawing might be tampered with. I am thinking it is a little unfinished rather than a bit minimal also a few folk who have been with me on the journey of the book seem to point it out I would not normally let this influence me much but as the are my 'inner sanctum' and I am rather unsure this one drawing might get 'tarted up' at the end of proceedings. We will see when I get page 140 and the inside covers done. I also have to resolve what I will do on the front and back covers. I hadn't thought about it too much but the thought that I might turn the monochrome idea on its head, the pages are white with black ink and the covers are black so white pens might work but I had it suggested to me today by friend Jowan that instead of covering both covers in white on black I might not do much to the front so as you open it you have no real expectation of what might be inside. This has led me to think I might just do a very minimal title on the front and then attend to the back cover, we will see when I get there.

This morning I had a nice group turn up for my outdoor drawing class, we went down to Porthmeor, it was a bit windy but the rain held off. Not many were experienced drawers so I was in advice mode.

Above is a quick example I did of 'continuous line' drawing and below is a 'scribble' drawing in pencil showing how you can build up form in that manner.

I am off to draw in a bit and I am also keeping my fingers crossed for good enough weather tomorrow that we will have another outdoor drawing class out on the coastal path. We will see.

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