Thursday, 13 July 2017

New Drawing, Obliterarty and ramblings.


In yesterdays blog I came up with the thought of doing two drawings with the same premise, I have only done one of them so far above but the other is started and what I will attempt to finish off tonight, whilst helping to plot final thoughts on Barnoon Workshops day out at Lafrowda on Saturday, more about that later.

Below are a few pages out of one of my obliterarty books to give you an alternative view of some of the things I get up to in my drawing world. There is a small concept behind the three volumes of obliterarty I have done so far.
  • Art as destruction, mildly.
  • Remixing.
  • A play on words.
  • Recycling.

Above one in the making to give you a better idea of what I did to create these drawings and below is the finished work. I love some of the margins I am exploring and the thought that some might have in thinking is this art? A good question and I would counter the argument by saying you would have to follow my random exploration of all the abstract drawing I have done over the years and how it all came out of my years of abstract process painting and how that led to my drawing practise. In my mind a lot can happen over 15 years. Over the last 10 years I have probably drawn for an average of 3 hours a day and I feel that I have been mining my own creativity. That all started with me and continues with a thread of me challenging my creativity everyday to come up with and then satisfy myself that I was getting deeper and deeper into my chosen strand of art.

I know the whole world doesn't and won't get it but I hope that slowly more people get into what I do or offer up in my drawing research. For quite a number of years when I worked in sketchbooks I thought they were just sketchbooks. However I have spent so much time doing sketchbooks and after a while I started to feel that these books were complete works in their own right along with many of the larger and smaller drawings I have done.

Well that is it for now, there will be another installment tomorrow of what I have drawn in the next 24 hours and some other random thoughts and explanations.

I am off to draw.

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