Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Flying Ant Day and New drawings


 Above and below are the two drawings I worked on last night in my drawing session page 121 and 122. I am still riffing on the themes I set out as the basic premise for my whole book when I started it at the beginning of May and as ever I am very happy with them they are related and different from the previous 120 however I do reckon that even if I did use the same premise or rules if you like the drawing would be different because there is an ever present factor and that is me. I am not a machine so I can generate many similarities that would be slightly different whilst producing a similar image. Just this thought makes me want to do that just to prove my point and that might filter into the book, I will see later when I start drawing.

This third drawing in the series I did today in a few gaps. It was the first really hot sunny day for many days so I wasn't surprised when I didn't get anyone for my drawing tour. I guess everyone just went to the beach.
This afternoon I help my friend in his shop again so today I am artist and grocer. In the gaps although the shop was very busy at times there were quite a few quiet times so once I had got the shop slightly re-stocked there were times I could dip into my latest drawing and I actually finished it. It was a jolly day in the shop.

Before returning home I popped up to Barnoon Workshop and took this photo of hundreds of seagulls in the air, there were just as many on the ground, it appears to be 'flying ant day' again and the seagulls go bonkers for them.

I am off to draw now.

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