Saturday, 8 July 2017

I always liked patterns.


Patterns, I have always been fascinated by patterns, the ones I found in nature the ones I found in fabric, carpets, floor coverings, wall paper and musical ones too. I have always searched for meaning in patterns and indeed all life has them and in fact broaden that out to the whole universe does.

I can remember as a kid, every time I was on public transport, the patterns on the seats were ordered and in lines or grids however in contrast the heavy duty flooring I recall often having a base colour of some industrial grey but often flecked with a little yellow or white. I would stare at it looking for a repeat in the scheme but never normally found one.

As I grew up I found patterns everywhere and not only visual ones in life music and just about everything else, life the universe and everything has them.

Is this why I do them? Who knows.So below I present my most recent drawing from last night and today.

Above is the one I started and finished last night and quite a bold one it is too.

I started the one above and finished it in one of the gaps today.

I also did this one above.....

I have also done these for a future art drop.

Now I am off to relax and draw and watch tele.


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