Friday, 14 July 2017

Contemporary Abstract Drawing, The Monochrome Set.


Above is the second in my experiment of lookey-likey drawings starting with the same premise and finding out the do not look exactly the same and below is the double page spread proving that.

Today has been an interesting day I have been part artist part grocer and the day went past very quickly at the end of the day we ended up having a pint at The Western and bumped into our friend Jordan Jackson, haven't seen him for so long it seems and nice it was to catch up too. Towards the end of our hearty chat talked turned to art as it quite often does. I had this book I have been working on me and Jordan went through the whole thing so far. I got some interesting feedback as a few others joined in it was a bit like a public private view and I was heartened by the good feedback I got.
Thank you all.

Below is a small selection of what all who were interested saw.

I am off to draw as ever......

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