Thursday, 27 July 2017

New work and my drawing day.


Above is the 140th drawing in my latest whole sketchbook work which will be entitled 'The Monochrome Set'. I haven't decided whether it is finished yet and it is one of two drawings in this book that I might add to. Either way I have pretty much done 140 drawings in under 3 months in this work, although it is not the only drawings I have done in this period as I do drawing tour 5 days a week weather permitting.

Today on my drawing tour I did quite a few drawings including these ones above and below. Although they were done as examples for the small group I had. It started at 11am and finished at 12:30pm. The top drawing was an illustration of how a simple line drawing could depict a view and is a look out from above Porthmeor Beach towards Clogy using a minimal line technique from horizon to beach and below is a scribble drawing of the rocks at the bottom of The Island.

Above is Porthmeor when we were out drawing, the lifeboat was out and I really hope it was an execise and below is of Porthmeor when we convened for food at The West Beach Bakery at the end of the day and a lovely reward it was from our busy day.

I now have the task of finishing off my book when I open it up to continue drawing. I have the inside and outside covers to complete.

I am now full of ideas of what to continue drawing when the book is finally completed. I recieved a new set of Sharpies for my birthday a couple of days ago so I will get some use out of those.

See you tomorrow......

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