Wednesday, 26 July 2017

139 and more.....


Above is the drawing I had started yesterday but had no time to finish due to my birthday celebrations and a jolly good night it was to with family and friends in The Castle on Fore Street. We were hoping for a beach BBQ but the weather wasn't quite complying so most of the evening we spent there and then adjourned to The Western for a final drink before home time. So as you see not much time to finish off the drawing but I attended to in in gaps todays and it is now finished and I am happy with it. Now to get on with the final page.

Also today I have seen my son off on the coach back to Milton Keynes, been a grocer for a few hours followed by being a guitar teacher and now at home eating and writing this blog and getting ready to relax and get a bit of drawing done if it fits with life and my tiredness.

I will leave you with a few bits of previous work that may or may not put into context the above new drawing.

Maybe that helps....

See you again tomorrow!

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