Monday, 10 July 2017

Starting the week again, 500th blog etc.


Above is another in the long line of drawing emerging on the remaining blank pages of my nearly finished whole sketchbook work.

So today started as Monday does with the drawing class at Barnoon Workshop, there was a nice group and our first exercise was to copy a drawing but with the drawing upside down and below is my re-work of a drawing by Egon Schille. It was not easy to make out how you were doing with your drawing until it was finished and we were allowed to turn it right side up.

We then made some view finders and drew various details or expansive views depending on the size of the view finder.

Above is one I did with a very small view finder of one of my small fine liners and finally below I copied a small part of one of my own recent drawings. I always find it interesting when an artist includes other art works in them. I have observed that sometimes they even include their own works such as Matisse but had never done so, so this is a small way towards that thought.

As this is my 500th blog and because I have also been reflecting on my prior works I leave you with a range of mt works on paper, slate and sea pottery shards.

These last three below are part of what I call ' the bleeding narrative'. This is really quite obvious in my mind but not so with out looking at my book and seeing these three works have a lot in common, mainly being that I only drew the green dots once and then worked on the subsequent pages with other dots. I also call it that because I am always hoping the narrative of my thinking goes into filling each book work I do. I hope and believe that some will follow my thinking through pattern and colour, maybe because I am so close to my work but when visiting older books I can trace a link through to what I must have been thinking at the time and I do know that several of my close friends get 'it'. I hope you do too.

I am as ever off to draw for a bit, it is my discipline and helps me relax after a days work too, finished at 7.30pm tonight.


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