Saturday, 1 July 2017

Drawing, Dinner Party and an Art Tour.


Above is a drawing I fitted in last night. 

Previous to doing that drawing we had been 'up the hill' at friends and this is just one of the views we were treated to. The main hill you can see is Trink. We nearly had to walk 2 miles to get there but they had another couple joining us and they agreed to pick us up on their way. It was a lovely surprise to find out it was the couple Michael and Dori that I had met and chatted to at the last Open Exhibition at The St Ives Society of Artists. I was pleasantly surprised when Michael first approached me and said 'are you Bobby Wotnot' and we had a chat about electronic music and art and I found out his partner/wife was also in the same show. Apparently it was the first dinner party they had been invited to since moving to St Ives in November. It was a very good chatty evening discussions on many different topics.

So thank you Ally and Tree for such good food.

This morning I got to the workshop and conducted my art tour and draw for 3 and returned to the workshop for lunch and in the hope we would get a few portraits to do. The weather seemed to be against us again.

In one of the gaps this afternoon I decided that yesterday's drawing was not finished and needed to be extended across the next page.

So one drawing two pages as you can see above and I think it really works.

I then also had time between things to do the 100th drawing in this book project which means I have about 40 more to do to get this book complete. Whilst doing this book I have done a lot of thinking in which ways my drawing goes next and I certainly have to get on with some larger scale works bringing in themes from the last 6 months or so adding in to the mix of what I do.

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