Monday, 24 July 2017

Ann Kelley On A Moonlit Night and new drawings.


 Above is yet again a new drawing I did in yesterdays drawing session, I didn't quite finished it off so I finished it off in a couple of bites today, I now have only two pages and inside covers to do. I am quite excited that I have nearly completed this project and that I will be able to start on new projects.

On Monday mornings as I blog every week I attend my wife's drawing class at Barnoon Workshop and thoroughly enjoy it. This weeks project was to produce or start to produce a 'poster' type drawing to promote St Ives. The whole group went up to Barnoon Terrace to take in some views and get inspiration and some preparatory sketches for this work and above is the bare bones of what I hope will become my finished work above. I intend to add colour and wording and a bit more detail to complete it. All the group worked hard and produced varied and interesting images.

Today was also a very auspicious day for Zoe's drawing group as one of our regulars joined the group in order to produce drawings for her latest book and today was the day when Ann Kelley presented us with a copy of her new book completed, see below.

It is a very charming work and one of the even more lovely things about it is that my wife Zoe Eaton gets the top acknowledgment I am also very pleased that I also get one too. Ann signed it for us too which is great. Who knew that when the drawing group started that it would have spin offs such as this. Fantastic.

I am preparing to do a bit of drawing later and hopefully get to finish my book in the next few days too, although mine is not likely to be published as yet or maybe never.


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