Monday, 31 July 2017

Barnoon Workshop drawing class and some of my work.


Well Monday starts as Monday does with a drawing class at Barnoon Workshop led by my wife Zoe Eaton and today we had some gladioli to draw and with Hokusai as lose inspiration I did this drawing below.

Above is a drawing I started last night but have not had enough time to complete it. It is lovely to have family down here staying but it does tend to slow my drawing down. I have continued with some of 'The Monochrome Set' themes but added colour. I will keep on finding gaps to continue this work although we are all out for a quiz tonight so I am doing this blog early so I don't miss doing it later and it is part of my daily discipline and has been since the end of February 2016. So over 500 days in and with over 27,000 views so far I am pleased with it.

As this is a 'quick' blog and early I will leave you with some varied drawings done on various surfaces.

Cheers, see you tomorrow.

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