Saturday, 22 July 2017

St Ives and new works.


Above is drawing 135 in my whole sketchbook work and I am really getting a sense of achievement as I approach the end of this work and it looks like I will have it completed in under 3 months especially as I have been able to finish drawing 136. I managed to fit it in whilst manning our contemporary portrait studio this afternoon.

Above is a shot out to sea from just above Porthmeor that I took this afternoon which was a stark contrast to this mornings weather. I left home at 10:40 am to get up to the workshop in time for a possible drawing tour that I attempt to deliver five mornings a week, within two minutes of leaving the house the heavens opened and I was wet through by the time I got to our workshop, it probably only takes seven minutes to get there but the deluge won. As I waited to see if anyone turned up it eased off slightly and one lady turned up for it but we both decided it was rather pointless to go on drawing/art tour.

My wife arrived and I spent an hour only half drying out before we went out putting the signs out for the 'Your Face My Art' and we got four people who wanted portraits but today they only wanted my wife's works, so Gazelle and myself got on with our own work and chatted to the families who arrived. Interestingly one German family turned up to get their daughters portrait and whilst chatting we found out that at the moment the were living in Milton Keynes which is where we used to live before we relocated to St Ives and started our previous business an arts cafe, it is now nearly seven years to the day since we opened the doors of our catering and art business. Sometimes time seems to fly by, I find it almost unbelievable that it is that many years. Whilst we were in our cafe business it was hard to establish ourselves down here as artists and actually it still is because work always comes first over our art. Having said that my wife is now working on a series of fourteen paintings and I have my daily drawing routine, up until last October we both had gallery representation but sadly the gallery had to close and we are both looking for new galleries to represent our work. We also have a plan to use the workshop to become a bit more of a gallery space in the future that will include our own shows and also for us to curate some interesting contemporary shows too. When we open our gallery side we will then be the closest gallery to Tate St Ives.

I will be off to draw and relax shortly and to get nearer to the completion of my book and to work out exactly what tack I will take with my next series of works.


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