Tuesday, 18 July 2017

New Work, art drop, art tour and what I do.


Above is the latest drawing I have completed in my whole sketchbook work 'The Monochrome Set'. It is the 130th drawing in this book work. I have been working on this book since the beginning of May which I think has been pretty good progress, the few people who have seen this book so far has given me really good feedback which is nice but as ever I have to find away of reaching the market, this is as ever the artist dilemma whilst being so deeply in the work you don't always think about the outside world you just get into the work, well I do anyway. Perhaps I need an agent.

 Above is a very small art drop I did today, in fact one of the smallest ones I have ever done. I have placed it in a place that quite a lot of my drops get picked up from and I will check tomorrow. After that I took four people out on an art drawing tour of St Ives and then I met family up at The Tate St Ives cafe. Just before I went up to have a coffee I saw a pod of at least 10 dolphins off the Island and below is the view I had whilst relaxing before my grocer duties helping my friend in his shop.

I will be off to plot my last 10 drawings in my book whilst also plotting what works I will do next.

See you tomorrow.

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