Saturday, 5 August 2017

Summer Island Disco and New works.


Above is the drawing I completed in last evenings drawing session and below is the drawing I then started directly after and the one I will continue with after doing this blog.

Today was spent moving and manning a small stall at The Summer Island Disco put on by Tassy Swallow of The Surfhouse and a lovely day was spent, we did some crafts and drawing for 'kids' and managed a few portraits too.
Below is Mark Bloxham who came to interview us about our workshop and activities and got involved because he used to surf with Tassy when they were youngsters.

Above is Zoe doing a portrait and below is the result with our French volunteer Jennifer.

I also did an art tour today before I caught up with the activities on the Island.

Above is a view out towards Clodgy from the Island.

After we left the event we went for a little decompression at The Castle and The Western and bumped into friends for a good early evening chat and now we are back home with things to draw and good Spanish crime drama to watch...

Cheers all!

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