Sunday, 6 August 2017

Abstract, not abstract....


Well, I have to report that I have completed the first stage of my new drawing and I like it enough to take a pic of it before I go on to do the lining stage, I will check in tomorrow on how far I have got with it.

Over the last few months I have been doing Tour & Draws five days a week, well when the weather allows. I have really enjoyed the experience and really look forward to each one. It is very good for me to draw 'real' things and not just my abstract work and I feel like both disciplines are really the same thing and because of the small freedoms I get with my abstract work I am really trying to free up the other side of drawing. and below are just a couple of pics I did this week on the tours in response to questions from my drawers.

 Above is one that I did to show how free and expressive you could be whilst drawing plants on the coastal path and below is an example of how to draw something with only a few lines as a quick sketch but with enough information to showing the location.

I am off to do a few things and to get drawing on part two of my new colourful drawing.


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