Saturday, 26 August 2017

New Drawing done, Drawing Tour and Rock and Roll.


Above is my new completed drawing that has taken a week of work so an estimate of some twenty five hours work and very pleased I am to have finished it and what it looks like pleases me too.

Above is a new work in progress is an extension of my Monochrome Set book work, however this will be coloured when I have completed all the lines that I have planned.

Today started with me leading a drawing tour around St Ives and the weather could not have been better. Three people turned up a lady from Hayle and two ladies from London just down for the weekend and seeing the spectacle of St Ives on a barmy warm morning through their eyes, what a perfect scene was there for us all to draw.

Since then I have been doing some musical cramming for a gig I am playing at a friends big party tomorrow evening and I have learned ten new songs on the bass especially and am now more than ready for a crafty cider and some drawing time.

Back tomorrow......

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