Thursday, 31 August 2017

New drawings and stuff.


Above and below are two sides of my latest drawing, sorry the below is slightly blurry but I hope it gives the idea. I am happy with both sides.

 In last evenings drawing session I also finished the two smallish drawings below, these two pieces of paper were previously and experiment with coffee staining that I then used a the basis for these two drawings.

Today I did a beach life drawing class above Porthmeor and a busy session it was too including an art teacher from Austria and also one from Blackburn. I didn't get home in time to take pictures of my drawings from this session but I did quite a few as an example for others to work from if they chose.

This afternoon I did my grocers shift so it felt like a full and busy day and was....

I am now off to draw for a while and get ready for tomorrows work.

Cheers all, ahh the life of an artist.

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