Sunday, 13 August 2017

Another new one in my new series etc.


Today was the first lie in for quite a while, still trying to shake this cold. A little website work was done and then we went out around the town for a while and then back home.

Getting back at a reasonable time helped me find the gap I need to get this drawing above completed, I started it last evening as you can see by the bare bones of the drawing below. I suppose the whole thing took about seven hours or so.

Above is a finished version of a drawing I shared in last evenings blog. I think when I start tonights drawing it will take off on a different tack as the paper I have is a bit dirty so I might have to taken on the printed side of the next sheet. I got them from an exhibition last year at Newlyn Art Gallery, the prints didn't really resonate with me but the blank reverse sides did and invited me to use them. So I guess we will see what happens when I get started dipping in to 'obliterarty' again.

Well that is my task so off I go to get ready for the week and the Barnoon drawing class and my evening drawing session.


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