Wednesday, 2 August 2017

New work in progress, art drop and Tate St Ives Extension.


Above is my latest work on the drawing so speak, I need quite a few more hours to get it too completion.

I have started work on my next art drop and completed these three little ones.

This afternoon after the morning workshop we were greeted with this sight, four of the container offices have been removed and it has already made quite a difference to our view from work. To be honest these have been blighting our view for far too long and are part of all the activities that have been going on with The Tate St Ives extension. We just need the other six and the hoardings to disappear, we have had building works ever since we opened for business and it will be a great relief to us and many of our regulars to have the view finally improved and as for the noise generated by these works we will have a much more groovy environment, can't wait.
The extension when it is open will be great for the town and I am sure it will help our independent arts and crafts business as well but it hasn't helped much so far and in fact we had our passing trade hindered when the closed the footpath for six months, still we now have more light coming in through our windows at last.

I am off to relax and get some drawing done, cheers all.

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