Thursday, 10 August 2017

Works in Progress, Drawing Tours and some dot theory ramblings.


Today I have three drawings to show and with the remit for my blog being a daily account of what creative activities I have been doing etc.

 Above is the drawing I am doing at home and fourth in a series on A3 approx. I have lots to add and probably colour too as my previous book series 'The Monochrome Set' was literally 142 black on white drawings, see blogs from 3rd April to just before August for each daily moment of that. I found it a very intense and interesting process, being inventive every day and coming up with new ideas all the time. My usual mode when working on larger pieces is idea, followed by many sessions of drawing and sometimes a real endurance factor I am sure some of those works might have up to 200,000 individual dots. I now have two complete strands to my world of dots below shows the more rather more literal take on them and above the deconstructed versions of dots. In some of these such as this example I have also included my grid motif I feel I am really starting to get further on on my personal journey of exploring pattern. My hope is that some people will follow this journey that I think of as 'contemporary abstract drawing' however I do not know what many other people think apart from our group of friends and a few who have purchased or have found one of my art drops.

 So with this work in progress above I consider to be more primitive but then maybe I guess all my work could fall under that banner but it would be interesting to find out a from critics and curators might think. So I have to get a show together sometime hopefully in the next few months so I can get my work out in the world again. It has been the first year for a while that I have not had a gallery so a new one and maybe even some representation from them too wouldn't go a miss. I would love to find the ideal gallery/curator that would be able to follow my explorations and to then want to see where I go next. With that in mind it isn't just why I draw for a good few hours each day, it is just what I do, I find it interesting to see just what I will come up with next. I do try to work in series but also sometimes I like to take on a new media or new rules for where I go next and then sometimes back to basics and basics with a twist. These all come from small thoughts joining up in my head as I can do a lot of thinking whilst drawing.

Another strand that has more recently come to the front is that I now conduct outdoor drawing sessions, weather permitting, so as well as attending my wife Zoe Eaton's drawing class on Monday mornings I can now be seen sketching around St Ives with my band of happy drawers. Looking back 30 years I would never have expected that I would be taking people on drawing tours of St Ives or even be living here but sometimes a fleeting dream can come true but in 1987 I was a removal man who was in an indie band not getting very far but having lots of creative energy and ideas and want to find my way in a creative world which all started with doing a years foundation course in drama then I became a computer programmer and started small town punk/new wave band.

So as the final reveal of today's work is a scribble rock drawing I did down at Porth Gwidden  with four other drawers, such a pleasure it was just to be there drawing.

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