Monday, 21 August 2017

Work In Progress and some illustration ideas.


Above is the drawing I am working on after it's second session, I feel it might take a little while with hundreds of lines awaiting to be added.

Above and below are a couple of drawings I made this morning in the drawing class I mentioned yesterday. I realised I had never drawn in a car park before, how remiss of me. As you probably can tell or not, I was in book illustration mode.


Today I have also had a little time to explore more ballpoint drawing, which I did on the back of a sketchbook and below is the book I have recently been quite taken with and so far Butt Johnson and Jan Fabre have really caught my eye although there is much more to take in. I do love looking at almost all art but certain artists and mediums I can get lost in for hours so with that in mind and how much drawing I do in a day I tend to dip in and out otherwise I would be lost.

Well it has been a busy day so without delay I will retire to draw and relax. Cheers!

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