Sunday, 20 August 2017

Drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing!


Above is a drawing I embarked on in last evenings session and to be frank I have a few options of finishing it off so when I start work in a while I will have to decide a kind of delayed moment waiting to happen and as reactive as as immediate as ever. It is the way I work fully embracing experimentation,

Above is a much smaller drawing that I did as a direct reaction to Trent Morse's book Ballpoint Art so in that spirit of just drawing and improvising using basic rules some free and easy and others quite constricting so this drawing is my first real moment in ballpoint art and I am quite pleased with it.

In my world of art and drawing I am now firmly entrenched drawing some non abstract works, mainly through running drawing tours of St Ives five days a week and below are a couple of examples from my tour sketchbook.

Both are drawings I did from Man's Head when we were out on our Friday coastal path session, above is of Tate St Ives and Barnoon Workshop. I have to say I love drawing cranes and haven't done enough of that yet. I am trying for part of this non abstract work to find a style or styles that I am comfortable working with whilst trying to expand the rest of my drawing. Below is a different view of Porthmeor from Man's Head.

I am off to draw soon and also to get myself ready for the week including my wife Zoe Eaton's Monday morning drawing class tomorrow at Barnoon Workshop, which I do every week without fail, it is good to learn and to play outside your general practice.

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