Monday, 14 August 2017

Drifting into obliterarty etc.


Above is the new drawing I am doing it is an add on to the current series but with an nod to my 'Obliterarty' variations, plenty about them in previous blogs. The drawing is not finished yet and will be what I crack on with later.

Above and below are a few of the 142 I did for my latest book and to give you and idea of where this latest series of work is coming from.

I am now pondering in the background whilst finishing of this series, only one more to go about what I will do next, mind you I haven't sourced what I will series up yet and I haven't had more than at a glance at the reverses of this current work. Might have to check them out and see if any 'bleeding narratives' need sorting out. So that might be the next thread whilst I work out what I will draw on next, could be paper, could be anything.

Cheers for now.

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