Thursday, 3 August 2017

Work in progress the last 24 hours etc.


Above is my work in progress second day in and I seemed to have made some good progress on it in the last 24 hours but plenty of work to do to complete it. Below is how it was yesterday to show what I have done in that time.

I have purposely not bought a new sketchbook yet so I can concentrate on this larger work but I will have to get a new one soon just for convenience as I can't tuck this in my rucksack and draw when I have a few minutes free, I also haven't thought of the theme for this next whole sketchbook and I do need to get on with some work that will be for a future exhibition.

As I have said many times in the past I have many ideas for some of my next drawings but not enough hours in the day to get loads of works finished quickly. Thinking about it they are bit labour intensive but I think worth it.

So I will be off to draw in a while.

Above is a drawing from the past and so below too both as yet unsold.

Today I also did a small drawing tour for two on Porth Gwidden.

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