Friday, 18 August 2017

Work In Progress, Breathe The Mexican Net Label and 'art, advertising and free pens.


My Friday consisted of doing an art tour for four people along the coastal path towards Man's Head we got caught in the rain a couple of times but managed to find shelter and still with plenty to draw, the hour and a half flashed by.

Since then the afternoon seems to have evaporated although I have had my hair cut......

Above is last evenings work in progress and I will try and finish this evening it appears to be in my world a 'bleeding narrative obliterarty'. When I say 'my world' I mean I have created over the last fifteen years a whole body of works mainly drawing and even when painting my wife saw it as me drawing and in many ways I agree either way my work has come out of process, aesthetics and general exploration of medium and tools. I have become totally addicted to pens and markers and have nowhere near enough, sometimes I even get donations from friends of pens or markers they are not using and 'would they be useful?' Useful, of course.
Earlier in the year when I really needed new pens I offered to test whatever Sharpie or Winsor & Newton would send me, unfortunately they didn't play ball although I think I might approach them again in a while to see if I get a different response. Maybe I need to write a more engaging email with a bit more of a back story and maybe even suggest how they could use my drawings to spread the word about their products, especially new ones. I would not mind at all if they used some work for advertising. That has made me think what angle they could use with my images, I think using the right image it would catch a wide market from doodlers to artists on many levels. I am awaiting news of one of my images being used for an electronic music album by Breathe the Mexican net label. Anyway I am now rambling a bit so it is about time I post this blog with my work in progress and get on and try and finish it.

Cheers All.

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