Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Work in progress, Barnoon Workshop and drawing.


Above is the drawing I continued with in last evenings drawing session, I am now well into stage three with putting black sharpie dots in each box of the grid, it now remains to be seen whether there is a fourth stage or not. I might not be able to stop myself from circling each black dot, which could take sometime but if it makes me feel it is completed that is what I will do. If I am satisfied before I start that I might just stop, I will give an update tomorrow.

Today has been a reasonable busy day to day, first I opened up for Erin Lacy's Coastal Printing workshop and then at 11am I took 5 out on an art tour and draw which I think we all enjoyed me included.

I went back up for a quick lunch at Barnoon Workshop and  led a Paint a Mini Masterpiece based on Patrick Heron and below for better or worse is the small homage canvas I did.

So today I am blogging a bit earlier than normal for I have a stinking cold and drawing might just take my mind of it and after all it seems I might have quite a lot to do in finishing the drawing I am on and I so want to start the next one. I am really enjoying doing slightly larger works again and I am looking forward to when I can embark on something even larger. As I always say I have so many ideas to do and each twist and turn of my drawings throw up new ideas all the time so I don't really have the time to do all the drawings I think of. I am still pleased and happy with how many drawings I do do or should that be the 'amount of drawing', either way I am happy with how much work I have done in this last year. You have to keep your discipline and get on with it.


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