Thursday, 22 September 2016

Two new works last night. Dada

Above is the drawing I did last night in my sketch book work, using a running out Sharpie silver pen and a uni pin. This has given me an idea for a later bigger work.

Above is a work I did with my wife Zoe Eaton last night. When we work together we normally call it tag drawing I think this about comes into that remit. Yesterday Zoe ran a soap making workshop and one of the Ladies made a paper origami box to put her soap in and show all the others how to do it to.
Whilst I was drawing the silver pen drawing Zoe started making these boxes to show me what this Lady had done and both of us at the same time decided I would do a drawing that Zoe could turn into a box. Here it is and a lovely little ephemeral piece it is too.

Also last night we watched the last part of BBC 4 goes conceptual a history of Dada. Now Dada is quite close to my heart, I found it through punk and some of the punk art work was heavily influenced by Dada especially things like the Sex Pistols covers, God Save The Queen etc

The program was by Jim Moir, you know Vic Reeves, he certainly knows his stuff and I did like the way he brought it upto date featuring Cornelia Parker, Jim Landy and the magnificently amusing Martin Creed. I wont go and tell you all about go find it on iplayer and enjoy.

Today has been a bit of a down day, not in mood but in energy we are both really really tired with all the business of the September Festival events we have had on. We have had an amazing and busy festival and we still have one sell out event to do, lucky enough we have another tutor in Erin Lacy from Pelican Prints so I will only have to be around to help tomorrow morning. Then we have to get on with our winter program for workshop and of course Zoe will be able to get back to some paintings whilst I can get into some bigger works. I have plenty of smaller scale work but need a reasonable portfolio to show off to the galleries I am going to try to approach. Wish me luck.

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