Saturday, 17 September 2016

New pebble again, Barnoon Workshop and stuff.

Above is the pebble drawing I managed to do last night and I am really pleased with, I do love drawing on many different media as you will probably know if you have read a few of my blogs already.

Well today has been a very busy day for me and Zoe, this morning we had a 'Alfred Wallis Tour and Paint' workshop. I toured around town with our band of merry students, they all did plenty of sketches as inspiration for their Wallis-esque paintings and above is a collection of them.

After that session we had a small wedding party making lanterns and bunting.

We had a few things to sort out and finally finished near sunset and below is a picture of it for you.

It looks like I have a busy day tomorrow also as I have a packed beginners guitar workshop from 11am.
So I am off to draw and get in the right headspace for it, I do find that drawing is a very relaxing thing to do to clear the mind a little and focus.

Bye for now.....

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