Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Big Busy Day

Above is all the little drawings I did last night. I am in the process of starting a new 'Whole Sketchbook' and am now in that stage of thinking how to start so I started by not starting it, if you know what I mean. So these little drawings that will probably end up as an 'art drop' and a nice act prevarication. I wonder what will happen later when I start to draw.

I certainly haven't thought about it as The Barnoon Workshop has it had it's busiest day since we set it up and opened for business. We had two sell out sessions in Soap Making and Candle Making led by my wife, Zoe Eaton and then this evening I did my first workshop on 'Song Writing' I had four for the session. I believe it was fun for all and a guide in what to do next. I will certainly bring this workshop out again when we have our festivals in St Ives again.

Below is a picture I took earlier showing what a bright grey day it has been in this town. By the time my workshop had finished we had had a short power cut, lots of lightening and so much rain we could hardly get out of the workshop without getting our feet wet. I do enjoy doing my musician thing as well as art thing obviously but sometimes I am so preoccupied with art that I forget I am a musician with many varied experiences behind me in playing, recording and writing.

The view over Barnoon Cemetery towards Barnoon Workshop and the Tate Extension works.

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