Thursday, 29 September 2016

New drawings and Thursday.

Last night when I opened my sketchbook I discovered the gestural lines I did the night befor so I thought I would do a bleeding narrative version so here they are above and below.

I then took the gestural idea to another place and here it is, looking like one of my drawings but a little different too. I am pleased with it as another idea out on the paper.

Today we went to Truro to pick a few things up and a secondhand laptop for our business now I can get back on with some website admin and continuing to try and get our business and courses more noticed. My old laptop is too old to get onto things like facebook, so we needed it.

I then took Zoe upto the workshop for a meeting and then had to go off and do another guitar lesson.

I have and exhibition of mine and Zoe's work to take down and to start attaching 'boards' to the wall at the workshop so we can have more of a gallery experience too. We found over the summer that quite a lot of people thought we were a gallery so soon some of Zoe Eaton's paintings and my drawings will be available from the Barnoon Workshop too.

Dinner to eat and more drawing to do.


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