Friday, 16 September 2016

New Pebble Drawings and Sculpture.

Above is a pebble drawing that I finished last night and then below is the one I started and finished last night. I am just waiting for them to dry before I can deliver them to the gallery and of course I am yet to sign them.

Today has been a very busy day. We have delivered a one day introduction to sculpture course at Barnoon Workshop. We were fully booked and had eight people, they all made their sketches and then made air drying clay versions and then went on to turn them in to a thermalite block sculpture, a full on day but what fun.

When we had finished we bumped into Phil Seward of beachcomber disco fame and Martin Barker our old September Festival friend, they invited us to The Castle for a couple of pints with Rod Bullimore and Kelvin the man who ran to Australia. I love this town we live in when it just goes free form and friendly. Martin has an idea to link us up with Wild Willy Barrett but we need a chat in the next week about it but it all sounds intriguing. I have quite a long history with Willy, from using his down time for free in a studio through to seeing him play with John Otway and also 'solo', well with Stephen Two Names and Paul Whisky Ward era through to meeting up and seeing Willy's more recent French Connection shows and helping to promote them when we had Cafe Art, the old Milton Keynes connections still turn up here in St Ives. We even have the drummer from MK band Unit Six living in town now and he still plays up country with them.....

Still I must get some drawing done Cheers.....

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