Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tuesday, new postcards and stuff and The Uys Gallery

Hello, above is another one of my postcard introduction series that I did in last nights drawing session. I just love this ones direct simplicity and its two halves, just done with a sharpie and a Windsor & Newton pro marker.

Above is the second one I did in this series riffing on the same theme but bringing in all my yellow marker pens, some sharpies a W&N promarker and some letraset pro markers.

The third one I did in last nights session, bright and bold, Sharpies and uni pin.

Above is the forth one I did last night this time with Staedtler fine liners.

Tuesday started with opening up the workshop for Erin Lacy from Pelican Prints who was doing a screen printing with embroidery hoops. Erin was testing out her new range of fabric paints. They looked good too.

When I got back to the workshop to give Erin a lift back home with her stuff, I found that someone, the son of one my ex guitar students had donated an american indian drum to Barnoon, sorry I haven't got a pic of it yet but I will post one sometime soon.

Here is Melanie from The Uys Gallery showing off one of my pebble works, behind are Roelof Uys pottery. I was down to the gallery to sit in for the last couple of hours or so. It looks like Mel is in wotnot mode with her dotty dress.

After Mel left me in the gallery I set about drawing some more postcards and above and below are the ones I managed to finish whilst sitting in.

Whilst there I managed a few sales and near the end of the day a lady from London, Lena came in especially to find me and talk to me about my work, which was lovely. She was very interested and had read my biog prior to coming back into the gallery. We had a really nice chat and one of her conclusions was that I must be a very patient man. I told her of my drawing routine and how I fit it in with life after all your art has to fit in with you and your life and i suppose it does show in what I do some of my personality traits for the better and the worse maybe..... She is coming back into the gallery to see the new work I am delivering to the Uys Gallery on Thursday. They will be from my 'Grahams Conifer Series'. Looking forward to getting them in there in time for the September Festival, which starts at the weekend.

Whilst manning the gallery I did some spotify listening and managed to listen to the whole of the Streets first album. I have always loved this album so much from the first track right o the very end it is still a remarkable work and when he was pretty young too. Stand out tracks, well all of them and some very wisely observations on life. I can't believe it is 14years old.

Anyway I am off back to my evening of drawing and tonight a few ciders to compliment my mood. Whilst I have been writing this I have been listening to Marc Riley on BBC 6Music. So far a very interesting blend of Go Cart Mozart, The Ramones, The Ocees and much more post The End of the Road Festival where I am sure a few of my friends will have been.


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