Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New Drawings and Old, St Ives In December Meeting

Above is a drawing I completed last night using my 'missing principle'. So I started with a silver pen that was running out, I didn't expect it to run out quite so quickly but it did so I went onto a gold one to finnish the grid.

Above is another drawing finished last night in my 'bleeding narrative' series.

It has been mainly an admin day today so not much art done but some will be done when I have finished the blog.

Chris, Angela, Sherry, Lin and Rachal
The other main thing I attended today is the St Ives in December meeting. It is still strange having these meetings without Paul Ford our previous leader who died earlier this year. We are trying our hardest to make it a good tribute to him this year. I am part of this group whilst representing The Lantern Parade. It will be our second year. These people give a lot of time and effort to make our festive events work.

Funny being at a meeting with our exhibition 'Art Lovers' behind at Cafe Art St Ives.

This is a short but visual blog today as I am a tired fellow tonight and I still have some work to do.

Below are three of my earliest dot drawings which I found today when accessing one of my old hard drives. I was very pleased to find them although they are still not quite printable quality they are the best images I have of these so I thought I would share them with you.

Below are a couple of the best images of my work that I have to date, they were done earlier in the year by Jordan Laurence Jackson and you can more of his work here. www.flickr.com/jordanlaurencejackson

Above my 96 grids. This took a while and it has been estimated there are between 130k and 150k dots in those grids and shows off one side of my work.

Below is another Jordan pic of one of my 'whole sketchbook' This is the opening page and inside cover.


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