Monday, 12 September 2016

New Work and work in progress.

Above is a new pebble drawing, all done in one sitting last night after seeing Poldark, a must Sunday watch if you live in Cornwall. This pebble is larger than it looks in this photo I should have put a pen in in view to give you the scale. It was delivered to the UYS Gallery, St Ives at dinner time.

Before dinner of course we had our monday morning drop in and draw session.  We had two very willing canine models, one Bramble courtesy of our guests Maxine and Graham and Archie who was brought along too.
I for one had never drawn dogs before, it was quite a task until they settled. Zoe Eaton led the session and I think all of us managed more than we thought we would.

Above is my first valid drawing of a whole dog, I felt it kind of captured Archie.

Then I changed medium and went onto compressed charcoal and I wa very please with these quick drawings of Archie above and Bramble below.

Above is a quick update on my larger scale drawing with my new set of Sharpies, I feel that when it is finished it will cut quite a dash it is already building in a nice fashion that gives me that warm feeling that it is worth carrying on with, I would carry on anyway because it just might be me seeing it through the eyes of the enormity of the task ahead and how long it will take. I know this one will take some time. Keeping the pens in order or trying to and then uncapping each one for each dot does mean it is a task but I did once have an exhibition called 'The Joy of Repetition'

I am off to draw.....

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