Monday, 26 September 2016

Work in progress, New drawing, Drop In And Draw - Barnoon Workshop

Above is the large drawing I embarked on the other week, it is growing slowly with me only getting the odd hour on it. I do like the way it is developing though it is a bit of a laborious task, each dot requires me to take the lid of a pen, do the dot, replace the lid and then put it back in the right order so I know where I am with it. Having said that human errors always pop in to say hi so like life it is ordered chaos.
Below I have a close up to show you better how the dots nestle together and how the nibs of each widen as they make more marks. The set of pens I am using are only for this drawing, well until at least it is finished so lets see how they hold out/deteriorate, all part of the work.

Above is a new whole sketchbook drawing I did last night, still leaving bits out as is my want in this book until it isn't.

Today started with a quick breakfast and up to Barnoon Workshop where my wife Zoe Eaton runs Drop In And Draw, I always become the extra student and am making some progress and enjoying every challenge that comes along.

Before we got started author Rob Donovan popped in with my copy of his new book "Road To Corbyn', I happily paid for it and look forward to reading it. As he went off in his wellies and waterproofs into the rain, the class started.

Zoe explained to us we were going to do gestural drawing, we did a few excercises and then headed off to the Porthmeor Beach Cafe to find a warm place to draw people, lucky for us despite the sometimes rainy weather there were plenty of people on the beach, some for their surfing lesson with St Ives Surf School some just walking the beach and others admiring their boyfriends who were surfing.

Above and below are two of the pages I drew in a 'real drawing' sketchbook at Zoe's class. I am very pleased with them, people are a whole new ball game for me to draw and I have started to find my drawing language for them at last.

Porthmeor and the surf schoolers.

Anne Kelly at the Barnoon Drawing Class
The waves coming in .....
This afternoon I didn't do any art but now is my time to get on with some....


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