Friday, 2 September 2016

New Musings, new drawings and more about what I am doing.

Above is a drawing I might have finished yesterday but I have finished it now I am satisfied. It does seem to be how I get to the end of each work, I have to be satisfied that I cannot add anymore. I do have a minimal streak in me but sometimes it comes out in a complicated way or on mass. So one small pen, one page, a small box drawn and then as many rows of boxes until I am satisfied. I hope that makes some sort of sense or gives a view of my process and thoughts as I draw.

Above is another drawing I added to last night, I am sort of satisfied but who knows that might change later.

As I was leafing through this particular whole work sketchbook I thought I would show a detail from one of the drawings in it. I am struck by its order and organic qualities and the pureness of ink, love ink.

Above is the first drawing from a little sideline project I have on the go. Here is the concept.....

1. Buy a Postcard Pad of Seawhite 350gsm watercolour paper from the Oxfam Shop on Tregenna Hill.
2. Draw on each one of them in the manner that I do my sketchbooks.
3. When drawings are complete select twelve galleries to send them little works of art.

It is conceptualism, a punt and I really have to work out in my head which galleries I am sending them to. Will it be some of the ones I have approached already or will I scale it up to bigger galleries or even world famous ones. Thinking out aloud maybe the big galleries get hit up like this regularly and it would be a really uncool thing to do.

So above is the first postcard, think it is finished, oops there I go again......
Below is the book....

This morning I was involved in a paper making workshop at Barnoon which was fun and our workshoppers looked like they made some good paper too.

Yesterday at my abstract drawing session I was told again by someone that I should send off some images to Liberty's as "They would make great fabric designs". Maybe I should do that it would be good to make a bit more money out of my drawings poor but not starving artist that I am. I also have the urge to share my work with a much bigger audience than I have already. So my mindset is to keep doing things that might get attention in a wholesome way and to be open to any kind of opportunities that come along to show what I do.

What do I do?

I make patterns.

I am concept and process driven.

I think I am contemporary. 

I use contemporary materials.

I want to find my audience as I am sure there is one.

I am still pushing what I do.

I put in a lot of work.

I do this daily blog and have done for over 6 months now as part of showing and explaining to anyone who happens upon my musings and drawings and some of my life. I am happy to take any questions about my art from all who would be interested galleries or individuals. If you do not want to leave a comment in the public domain here is my email: 

Bye for now......

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