Monday, 5 September 2016

It was on the Monday Morning.....

Above is one of my new 'postcard introduction series' that are going to be sent off as a pointer to my work and see what comes of it. I see it as making new drawings and a bit of fun and be interesting to see what happens.

Above post card introduction number 3

Above post card introduction 4

I was thinking if anyone has any ideas for where they should go I would be open to any sensible ideas, do get in touch. Now onto today....

Above is one of the drawings I produced today as a pupil at Barnoon Workshop's Drop In and Draw session this morning. Although I am part of Barnoon Workshop I attend this session as a learner. So I have been learning how to show space and form. I am even starting to think that I am gaining my own style,

Above is my finished drawing at the end of the session using some of the things I have absorbed from what was a great session for me. Every week I try to draw 'real' things and am now starting to do this outside the class, only in spare moments. I am still a little fragile about them but others are really liking them and that has bolstered my thoughts.

I will be heading off to draw abstract things in a bit and to get done what I have to to keep up all this work I have done over the last 10 years.

Somewhere inside of me I am feeling that I have made quite a few breakthroughs regularly enough to justify all the effort that has gone into my work, now I know not if the world agrees with me I do know a small part of it that does but I really want to get my drawings more out into the wide world. I now have done thousands and thousands of drawings with millions and millions of dots as well as countless lines. So I have done quite a lot of exploration within and around my chosen field of work and gained a small kind of notoriety for what I do combined with some sales, that now has taken my art across the world. I think mainly Germany, Netherlands, UK and Australia and there must other countries but I know not where. It is interesting to wonder where your art has travelled and who cherishes it.

If you are in the UK I am represented by The Uys Gallery Tregenna Hill St Ives.

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