Monday, 19 September 2016

Monday morning it starts with drawing and other gubbins.

Above and below are two drawings I am working on in my new 'whole sketchbook' project. The one above is a kind of a sampler drawing and below is a monochrome dot drawing to show my roots. I like to do these every now and again.

Well, to start the week I went to 'Drop In And Draw' at Barnoon Workshop. For so many years all I drew was abstract stuff but I do feel it is good for me to draw real things sometimes and have a different set of drawing problems to play with. Above is a drawing I did this morning, we were being directed to 'free up' by our tutor my wife Zoe Eaton and above I produced a pretty free drawing of one of the regulars Graham using charcoal.

Above is a take-away coffee cup in charcoal.

A wall and window in Barnoon Workshop

Above is a drawing I also did in this freeing up session, I think I slipped slightly off the remit on this one, though it was done quickly.

Above an ink drawing of that same window at Barnoon Workshop.

Above a view outside the workshop by the side of the Tate St Ives extension works. I will be very glad to see the back off them but it will be such a groovy view when it is completed. Can't wait

Also today I have visited Carl and Kate at the BID office as they are interested in using some of the drawings that have come out of our drop in and draw workshop. After all that and tidying up at Barnoon we popped down into town for a small chill and a coffee and I took this pic, thought it might be a good title for something. Anyway it caught my eye.

I am looking forward to the first of three programs on BBC4 tonight at 9pm and also tomorrow and wednesday on conceptual art. I often feel a bit starved of good art programs on the BBC and do hope these are good after the advertising build up to this little series.

I am still debating on which galleries to send my 'postcard introduction series'. I have been so busy with Barnoon over the first week of the September Festival that I really haven't had time and been to tired to think clearly about this little slightly conceptual project. I will see if I get sometime to think whilst drawing and having my head filled with art for an hour on the television.

I will be back tomorrow to let you know what I have draw and share some of my art thought and maybe I will review BBC4's art show tonight.


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