Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Report: Thoughts on art, Barnoon Workshop, Bernard Leach and new work.

Above is the drawing I finished last night using two different bronze metallic sharpie of slightly different states of usage. I went for doing this because the day before I had done a drawing with a silver sharpie that was running out and it seemed to follow on quite nicely.

Above is an update on my 'sampler' drawing I have been working on it sporadically, so here is the latest update and talking of updates below is my 'bleeding narrative stopper' which seems to be coming to a conclusion so I might have to get another.

Today started with a botanical printing session at Barnoon Workshop run by Erin Lacy from Pelican Prints. We had eleven for this fun event and everyone got truly stuck in and produced loads of prints, above is a small snap shot.
After the workshop finished at 1pm we cleared up and then Zoe and I went into town and pottered around plotting what we have to do next for the Barnoon Workshop and indeed our own work.

As we 'pottered' we went past the 'secret' Leach tiles near Porth Gwidden. We had a lunch in The Castle after that and bumped into loads of Festival folk, Martin Barker, Kelvin (who ran to Australian in the '70's), Steve Hiddleston and his wife, Paul Healy and Rod Bullimore. We then went off to put some posters for next weeks events. I think we needed this afternoon off after our best festival ever, not in terms of going to events but the events we put on at The Barnoon Workshop.

My head is brimming with ideas for future works and some on them are going to be very small, we have thinking of having an exhibition of small things, more about this in the future when we have more artist's on board. Keep a look out on sometime in the future.

The opposite of small thinks is also attracting my attention as I am have started a larger A1 drawing. I want to do quite a few over the next while. This can be difficult to fit in with life but I simply must try and find the time as I would like to have quite a few for my up and coming galleries approach. I have already done the first part of this work by drawing 12 postcards that I will mail out to galleries, I also have to find the time to work out which ones and what to write as the message to all of them. I like the idea of a generic message to all off them but hand written, I don't know why it just seems to amuse me a bit and after seeing Martin Creed twice on television this week I am reminded that art has a place for fun and seriousness at the same time.
I have been very much in deep thought when drawing this week about what art is it, why we do it, why we like it, well some of it etc etc. Of course I was thinking about what I am doing with my work but also I have been thinking about quite a few of my favourite artists. I feel a list approaching, the list will not be in order of who I think is best but will be ones I love and mean stuff to me and have probably influenced me, you might not be able to see this in my work but I know it is there.

Andy Goldsworthy
Howard Hodgkin
Andy Warhol
Anthony Gormley
Patrick Heron
Terry Frost
Peter Lanyon
Hayley Tompkins
Roy Lichtenstein
Paul Klee
Martin Creed
Alfred Wallis
Ian Pyper
Rachael Whiteread
Jim Lamby
Chris Ofili
Zoe Eaton
Steve Groom
Wassily Kandinski
Jackson Pollock
Paul Klee
Mark Rothko
Damien Hurst
Jeff Koons
Jasper Johns
Vincent Van Gogh
J.M.W Turner
Georges Seurat
Bill Drummond
Richard Long
David Hockney
Bridget Riley
Peter Saville

Many of the above don't work in my field or anywhere near it, I just like and admire their work and practice. I am sure I have missed many from this list but these are the ones that popped into my head today.

Off to draw and stuff cheers!
See you tomorrow

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