Saturday, 3 September 2016

Slight remix drawings, Plastic Fusion, A1 progress

Above is another of my updates to work in my now very nearly finished whole sketchbook, however I have found a complete black page so I will have to get that sorted and go through the book again for any adjustments and additions.

Above is another.....

Above is another.......

And above is another....

Today we had the last workshop of the week to do, my wife led a plastic fusion session and above is what I achieved, a new book cover for my next one off book all I need now is the paper to put in and the time to draw it to.

After the workshop we went to The Queens Hotel, then picked up supplies for this evening, food, cider and wine, well it is Saturday and we have worked hard this week on lots of new ideas both for the workshop and also for our work.

After getting home and doing some chores I have now settled in to my large scale A1 drawing that seems to be taking its time or is that me taking my time? Well a bit of both but it is hard to fit in with all the summer activities, workshops, meetings, family etc etc. It is growing though and I am certainly on the last third or so. I will know when it is done by that satisfying feeling I get when contentment sets it.
So above and below are two snap shots to give you an idea of what is going on, so rather than show you a blurry image of the whole thing that doesn't photo too well on my phone camera I have tried to illustrate what is going on with this idea of seeing what a large piece of paper looks like with very thin lines over a large area of an A1 sheet of fabriano 300gsm rough. It seems I am getting quite an op art vibe on this flat piece of paper. Will be happier when it is finished though and on to the next one it will be. I am still not sure whether it is compulsion or discipline, probably a mixture of both. I am so used to drawing for a few hours a day that I would certainly miss it if I couldn't and I am rewarded by what I have done.

Oh well nearly dinner time so I am off until tomorrow, Cheers!

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