Wednesday, 7 September 2016

New postcard drawings etc etc

Hello, above is another of my postcard introduction series, a wave picture. This in number eleven in the series.

And above is number twelve in the series.

And above is number two in the series slight remix since I last showed it on this blog. I have now completed the drawings in this series. The next part of the work is to choose my twelve galleries to send them to. That will either happen quickly or take a while me thinks.

Today as an artist it goes like this.

Get up, breakfast and upto The Barnoon Workshop to be part of a Botanical Drawing workshop. My wife Zoe led the session and we did some warm up exercises inside before venturing out towards Man's Head. It was slightly overcast but really quite warm and we finished our two hour in what seemed very quick time. I have taken any pics of the drawings I did because I forgot. May show you some another day.

After such a nice session we went down to porthmeor beach and had a salad for lunch then Zoe went back up the hill to paint for the afternoon. I went into town and popped into the BID office for a quick catch up with Carl and Kate, which was nice. Then I went onto CafeArt to pick up some work even though our exhibition now continues for the September Festival we have to change things around because we are also part of the September rehang at The UYS Gallery, so I too four of my works over to Melanie. I then went up the hill after buying a second hand frame for a fiver from Bits and Bobs and went home.

I picked up my portfolio and went back upto Barnoon to start my new A1 drawing using a new set of Sharpies to build this one, drawing, printing it all adds up to the same process for me. Will show you an image of where I have got to with it tomorrow.

I then did a guitar lesson.

Went home and ate.

Went back to the workshop and did another guitar lesson for a new student, then back into town and picked up some refreshment.

Then I wrote this blog, now off to draw and watch TV.

Night all ...

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