Friday, 30 September 2016

Contemporary Abstract Drawing,

When I started drawing last night, this came out using 3 Windsor & Newton Promarkers and below is the bleeding narrative version. Happy with both.

After the first and it's reverse twin I did these twins. These were done my not just dotting with the W&N's but then adding silver and white metallic pens and on the one above also uni pin dots in between.

I am really quite pleased with these four new 'whole sketchbook' drawings nice and fresh and also that nice combination of using new pens to see how they perform.

Today we finally took down our ' Art Lovers' exhibition at Cafe Art. More exhibitions to find and also one for myself and Zoe Eaton to put on at Barnoon Workshop, keep your eyes peeled for dates.

I have a major striving feeling in my heart at the moment to get my work out there more, this would seem harder than it should be, as finding galleries that deal even partially with contemporary abstract drawing seem very few and far between but the search is on. Even when you g**gle contemorary abstract drawing the majority of the work and outlets you find are in the field of contemporary abstract painting. I feel I have just to be more thorough in my search for like minded people and galleries.

I draw everyday and I now blog everyday to further my work and thoughts. I look forward to the act of drawing everyday, it has become such a part of my daily life now and enjoy each one as I do them and I am also fascinated how they will come out as they are all determined by setting out some rules or processes. To this as I have said before I have so many ideas it is easy for me to just start drawing unless I have already started something that takes a while and then more ideas come flooding in.

I am off to draw soon so cheers!

ps I have just heard that two lost Van Gogh's have been found in Italy.

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