Saturday, 1 October 2016

New, old and Lauren Sebastian's Private View.

Above and below are a new drawing/s I did last night trying to keep it more minimal but you never know I might add to them later on but I might not.

Above and below are another double drawing I did last night.

All the above were done whilst watching Friday night television, in my opinion the most entertaining program last night that I saw last night was Hip Hop World News and good look into Rodney P's vision of Hip Hop. He showed such reverence to Chuck D from Public Enemy and got all emotional but meeting your heroes is a difficult thing, he didn't talk as much rubbish as I did when I met Bill Drummond a number of years ago. It was in a work context but I had been such a fan since his Zoo record days and then as House music's agitator with Jimmy Cauty through to his varied and interesting  career as an author and co-author, The Manual with the afore mention JC through to 45, How to be an Artist and The 17 all fascinating reads. A very interesting man indeed and someone I still follow his eccentric career through the world. Lets face it he burnt a million quid after dissolving the KLF.

Above is a drawing I left at Cafe Art yesterday but I picked it up today, I know it is not the clearest photo ever but it gives you an idea of how my smaller works can been shown off.

Well here we are Lauren Sebastian's private view for her current exhibition at The Salt House Gallery. Above we have my lovely wife Zoe Eaton and Claire and Tim Stockings Baker.

Above Graham Emes the guitar maker and partner of Lauren.

Above Lauren in pink enjoying her private view.

Above Lauren's explanation of one of her Non Ordinary Beings paintings

Zoe, Erin Lacy and Lauren.

Above is a panorama shot that Graham took that he sent me so I could put it in my blog. It was a good night out seeing old friends and newer ones and nice to see for all of Lauren's hard work that she had some sales too. A good few years ago now we had an exhibition at Cafe Art by Lauren that was more drawings than paintings and I must say that Lauren has come a long long way with paint since then, her delicate touches of paint are now quite sublime and have a depth.

Having eaten a few flapjacks and a few glasses of wine I need to get some drawing done.

Cheers all.

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