Sunday, 30 October 2016

More dots and more dots and....

Above is a drawing I finished last night, it just needed some subtle dots, didn't want to over work it.

Above is another drawing I finished in last night session, 'trying to be more minimal', not always the case with me although some of my heart is in that. It is just it turns out complicated minimal.

Today I managed to get a couple of hours on this one that I seem to have been working on for sometime. This close up gives you an idea of what is going on it has an organised disorganisation about  it. It is amazing that I cannot quite keep twenty three sharpies in order but life seems to get in the way and becomes part of what will finally be a pattern and a pattern that I will have worked hard on. To be honest I am rather happy with the way it is beginning to gather. The nibs on the pens are are going softer as I work into this drawing and that is also part of this drawing and many of my works. I find it interesting how the pens properties change with use. I also find it interesting when then really start to disintegrate or start to run out of ink. It brings the imperfections of life to them.

We have had a nice home day today, cooking smells are permeating the house. After dinner we will have to get our ideas together for tomorrow and all we have to do.

I will be drawing later, cheers all.

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